Enjoy Your Life in Kiribati

There are many long and white beaches around this country, blue waters, palm trees are only some of its attractions. Once you set foot on this miraculous land, you will be amazed and forget to exclaim its beauty and sceneries. The Republic of Kiribati may be not familiar with you, but it is a quiet […]

Busy Life in Kiribati

After you have seen many beautiful sceneries, you may want to buy something as souvenirs and explore some local shops. You will find many stores selling handicrafts and interesting things, for example, bamboo wares, pot, glass and carpets. Some senior ladies are selling necklace made of shells and stones, which are special and beautiful. One […]

Union Square

Union Square is the center of history and culture for San Francisco. It is also a must-see for visitors. Is was built in the year of 1850, already more than one hundred year’s history. There are many shopping centers, restaurants and hotels near it. It is tall and brilliant, especially at night. People come here […]

Tour Around in San Francisco

You may feel confused when you are in San Francisco as to where to go, since there are too many to be seen. We will gove you some advices. 1 Union Square Union Square is the must-see when you are in San Francisco. It is located at the center of the city. Around it, there […]

Music in San Francisco

It is known that people in San Francisco love music and drink. Now, we will talk about music avenues in San Francisco. 1 Bottom of the Hill it is famous for rock music. People come here to enjoy the rock music and crazy feeling. You will dance to the music. There are dancing floors, special […]

Let’s Go to Saba

Saba is a place containing various landscapes and attractions. There are mountains and plains, rivers and rocks. You will find it charming and diversified. With the quick development of the economy, more and more people choose to go there, enjoying the quiet environment and beautiful sunshine. There are not too many people living in this […]

Fantastic Grenada

Do you want to climb the mountains? Do you want to witness the volcanoes? We recommend you to go to Grenada, which is famous for its excellent views and fresh air. It is near the Caribbean, covered by various landscapes and colorful wild life. There are long beaches, tree and tall palm trees and blue […]

Uruguay, a Country of Liberty

Uruguay is a country famous for its notion of liberty and civil rights. Travelling in this country, you will get some new ideas about life and work. It is not a big country, compared with its neighbors, like Peru, Brazil and Argentina. Although it is not as famous as those hot places, it has its […]

Interesting Activities in Uruguay

When you are in Uruguay, there are thing you should not forget to do. Now we will see them. 1 Cabo Polonio Cabo Polonio is the near the sea. You can have a long but relaxed walk along the beach to have a far view about the distant sight. 2 Carnival season In its capital […]

Daily Life in Falkland Islands

Life in this country is not boring at all. There are shopping centers here, but since it is a small country, it needs to import many things, thus the price of daily necessities is a little bit higher. You can find some advanced stores in the middle of the capital city or some big cities. […]