Pay a Visit to Estonia

Welcome to Estonia! We have a lot of things to introduce to you. They are all worth of your labor and time.

1 Beaches

Beaches are the places we all want to go and have a sunshine spa is a pleasant thing to do. The sea is blue and clean, the sand is delicate and soft. You can cast away all your worries and cares. Sleeping on the sand is a thing terrific to do.

2 Cross-country skiing

If you are looking for something to do outside, this is one. It is popular with local people. There are some places to go, like Otepää, which is famous for skiing. When you come, do not miss it.

3 Haapsalu

Haapsalu is located in the western coast of Estonia. It is an attraction well know foa a long time. You can live in a local hotel and explore the forests, enjoy the mountains and rivers inside. It is a place to experience natural beauty.