Travel to Togo

This place may be not familiar to you. But you will like it if you pay a visit to it. The landscape and scenery are matchless. It has deep forests, limpid erivers, beautiful flowers and friendly people.

In the famous Gulf of Benin, you can see the ancient capital of Lomé. It is near the sea, where are long beaches and palm trees. Modern pubs and architecture are standing side by side. There are also cheap markets offering local fish and vegetables. If you like, you can up early and walk though these markets.

Apart from these, you can go to many national parks, where you will see many lovely animals and rare species. For example, giraffes, monkeys, elephants and antelope. Since it is with diverse landscapes, you will see smooth farms and high mountains. There are also places which is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. If you like, you can go to visit some of its ancient cottages and villages.