What to do in Ivory Coast?

When you come to this ancient country, what will you do? Here are some suggestions.

1 Abidjan

This is the largest city and ancient capital in Ivory Coast. Economy and politics are the main subjects in this city. There are many beautiful sights to visit, things to do. The center is Treichville, where you can see colorful shops and hotels. You can walk along the streets and shop around. Besides, museums and coffee shops are no lack there.

2 African wildlife

There are many national parks where you can have a feast on your eyes. If you are worried about getting lost, you can have a private guide to lead your way. One of the biggest and most famous one is Comoƫ National Park. It is located in the northeastern part of the city. Here, you will see many wild animals and plants.

There are many other sights you should have a look at, for more information, check in Internet.