City Life in Uruguay

Although Uruguay is mainly famous for its natural beauty, it is no lack of city life. In its capital city, other major city like Punta del Este, you will find busy streets and oceans of people. There are many stores you can go shopping, eating and doing other things.

Apart from luxury things in advanced shopping malls, you can find bargains in local stores, for example, woolen sweaters, woven carpets, rugs and so on. And on the weekends, there are many morning markets along the streets. One of the most famous markets is Tristan Narvaja Market. Peopel are lined the streets, with difficulties to move on. There are stores selling all kinds of things. Vegetables, fruits, animals are no lack of. The price here is lower than usual price. And the goods are of the same quality. Therefore, they want to purchase what they do not have at those markets.

It is not boring at all to love in this country.