Explore Gabon

Situated beside the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, Gabon enjoys a good position. Its beautiful sights will make you exclaim. There are long and white beaches, tall palm trees, clean rivers and lush forests. Thanks to its tropical climate, it is warm and green all the year round. There are local Bantu people living along the beach. You will see many old cottages and villages along the beaches. Some big countries here are Port Gentil, Lambaréné and Libreville.

Gabon used to be a colony and it became independent in the year of 1960. Ever since then, it started to develop at a steady speed. More and more advanced technologies are imported, many new ideas are introduced. The future is bright. Thanks to its beautiful sceneries, tourism has been a great pull to boost its economy and development. The government will do more to improve the facilities and service around attractions.

Welcome to Gabon, to enjoy a relaxed vacation and help build this lovely country.