The State of Manitoba

The whole Manitoba is covered by coldness and ice. You will see wilderness and tundra all around. There seems to have no life here. Silence reins here. But it is not the truth.

You will see the most interesting animals here. Whales and polar bears will greet you in distance. Ice-covered mountains and icebergs are some of the most miraculous sights you can enjoy here. It is not all in Manitoba, if you stay for some days, a new Manitoba will show in front of you.

The capital city is Winnipeg, which is modern and busy. You can ding popular buildings and crowds filled this city. You can shop, purchase, and visit in the city. Or you can go to its museums and galleries to enjoy the cultural relics. There are many hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and night clubs for people living in it or out of it. It is a young city, but filled with inventive force and color.

In the deep forests, you will meet many wild animals, for example, wolves, eagles and monkeys. Along there thick trees, you will find clean rivers and beautiful flowers. Famous lakes include Hayes River, Paint Lake and Kwasitchewan Falls.