Union Square

Union Square is the center of history and culture for San Francisco. It is also a must-see for visitors. Is was built in the year of 1850, already more than one hundred year’s history. There are many shopping centers, restaurants and hotels near it. It is tall and brilliant, especially at night. People come here will take a photo both at day time and at night.

Firstly, this square is built for the politics. During the civil war, in order to demonstrate, approving the Union, this square is built. That is the reason why it is called Union Square. Time goes by, people like it as usual. It has seen the history for more than one hundred years. It is now under protection of government. Although some changes happened to this square, for example, the benches and tables, the original flavors do not change. You can enter from whichever gate you like. It is really a place worth visiting.