Food in Estonia

Food in Estonia is extremely delicious and special for visitors. It is mixed with food and taste from many other countries. You may find some differences and some similarities.

Some local food you should not miss including:

Sült, a kind of meat, added some sauces.

Täidetud vasikarind, roasted meat from veal, delicious to the tongue.

Rosolje, which is made of vegetables and fruits.

Verivorst, which is made of meat, taking the shape of sausage.

If you are satisfied with the service, you can give some tip, depending your own mood. Tipping is not a must in local restaurant, but it shows you are happy and contend with the food and service.

Local people like drinking very much, especially the beer. One of the most famous one is Saku beer. Eesti Kali is also popular, which is made of bread, fresh to the taste. Vana Tallinn is a choice if you do not know that to choose, fresh and clean.