Travel in Botswana

Situated in the great land of Africa, Botswana boasts many amazing sights and famous attractions. The landscape is diverse and colorful. You will not only witness vast desert with diamonds and beautiful stones, but also see lush forests and wild animals. It is famous as a great spot to explore nature and enjoy the natural beauty. As one of the best spot to observe rare animals, Botswana attracts a large number of visitors to come here and see the beautiful sceneries.

There are many national parks and preservations. In those places, you will have a good time. Nature and human get along well with each other. There is no pollution, nor crowds. There are also not too many shopping malls and international brands. Natural beauty is the most attractive thing in Botswana.

One place you should know when you come to Botswana is the Okavango Delta. It is famous all over the world as the biggest inland delta. Its nice climate and fresh air lure many wild animals to enjoy calm life here. You will see zebras, giraffes and many other cute animals.