Busy Life in Kiribati

After you have seen many beautiful sceneries, you may want to buy something as souvenirs and explore some local shops. You will find many stores selling handicrafts and interesting things, for example, bamboo wares, pot, glass and carpets. Some senior ladies are selling necklace made of shells and stones, which are special and beautiful. One […]

Daily Life in Falkland Islands

Life in this country is not boring at all. There are shopping centers here, but since it is a small country, it needs to import many things, thus the price of daily necessities is a little bit higher. You can find some advanced stores in the middle of the capital city or some big cities. […]

Travel in Botswana

Situated in the great land of Africa, Botswana boasts many amazing sights and famous attractions. The landscape is diverse and colorful. You will not only witness vast desert with diamonds and beautiful stones, but also see lush forests and wild animals. It is famous as a great spot to explore nature and enjoy the natural […]

Food in Estonia

Food in Estonia is extremely delicious and special for visitors. It is mixed with food and taste from many other countries. You may find some differences and some similarities. Some local food you should not miss including: Sült, a kind of meat, added some sauces. Täidetud vasikarind, roasted meat from veal, delicious to the tongue. […]