Enjoy Your Life in Kiribati

There are many long and white beaches around this country, blue waters, palm trees are only some of its attractions. Once you set foot on this miraculous land, you will be amazed and forget to exclaim its beauty and sceneries. The Republic of Kiribati may be not familiar with you, but it is a quiet […]

Interesting Activities in Uruguay

When you are in Uruguay, there are thing you should not forget to do. Now we will see them. 1 Cabo Polonio Cabo Polonio is the near the sea. You can have a long but relaxed walk along the beach to have a far view about the distant sight. 2 Carnival season In its capital […]

Go Out in Madagascar

Madagascar is a place filled by blue waters and lush tress. There are many outdoor activities to do on this island. While you are enjoying these sports, you should also be careful about your safety. Here are some tips to tell you how to stay safe and sound. Since it is a small island, weather […]

Travelling Around Gabon

Welcome to Gabon! Now we will talk about famous attractions in Gabon. 1 Beaches It is natural that Gabon boasts a nice view around sea and beaches. The environment is quiet and calm. The water is blue. There are many beautiful port to enjoy the view near sea. And if you are tired of watching […]

Go Shopping in Estonia

Estonia is different from other European countries. It is famous for its handmade products. There are many small stores selling all kinds of artifacts of cheap price and good quality. You will find things like ceramics and wooden ware. Local people are proud of their skills to make these products. If you like, you can […]

Colorful Life in Botswana

Apart from beautiful sceneries, Botswana has delicious food and friendly people. Once you come here, make sure that you spend some time to stroll along the street and taste local food. As to local shops, there are no busy modern shopping centers, on the contrary, you will find traditional artifacts and hand-made products. You should […]