Colorful Life in Botswana

Apart from beautiful sceneries, Botswana has delicious food and friendly people. Once you come here, make sure that you spend some time to stroll along the street and taste local food.

As to local shops, there are no busy modern shopping centers, on the contrary, you will find traditional artifacts and hand-made products. You should have a look at clothes, jewelry, textiles and pots. There are many markets where you can go and have a bargain, for example, Shorobe and Etsha. Besides, there are national museums and art exhibitions, where you can know more about this place.

People in Botswana are friendly and generous. They live a quiet and carefree life. They get up early, they go to bed early. You will hardly see people hang outside in the middle of the night. In its capital, Gaborone, people still live a regular life. Bars are not many here, wines are not too popular here. All that you will feel is serenity and quietude.