Go Out in Madagascar

Madagascar is a place filled by blue waters and lush tress. There are many outdoor activities to do on this island. While you are enjoying these sports, you should also be careful about your safety. Here are some tips to tell you how to stay safe and sound.

Since it is a small island, weather changes quickly. Please be attentive about any change of weather. Adding clothes on time will prevent you from cough. If it is raining, you had better not go to deep mountains or go hiking, making some changes to your original plans. If it is sunny, you had better bring your sunglasses, apply some sunscreen and wear a hat to protect you from being hurt by sunshine. Taking some common medicine with you, which will help you in emergency. You had better stay at hotel if it is raining hard or shining to hard. Too much sunshine will make you lose sense, heady. If you have stroke on the way, stop immediately. Have a rest at cool places, drink some water and smooth the breath. Eat something if necessary, since too much walking will reduce your energy. Sweating is a way of reducing heat in your body. If it is summer, do not wear too much, you can pick some light and comfortable clothes to travel around.

If you want to go hiking, remember to go along the road regular, do not find some paths which has no visitors around. If you want to go swimming, you had better swim near the crowds, do not go too farther. If you want to go by biking, you should rent a bike from local parks and offices, be prepared with helms, water and food. Do not ride the distance out of your labor. Do not drive after you have drunk, it is dangerous for others as well.