Go Shopping in Estonia

Estonia is different from other European countries. It is famous for its handmade products. There are many small stores selling all kinds of artifacts of cheap price and good quality. You will find things like ceramics and wooden ware. Local people are proud of their skills to make these products. If you like, you can get some as souvenirs for your friends.

Every day, in the morning, you can find at some street corner, morning market, which are filled with people and wares. You can bargain with the sellers, asking to lower the price. One famous market is located at the Old Town walls, things like fruits, vegetables, and handmade things are lined the streets. Along the road side, there are many sellers selling snacks and deserts. Famous snacks like blood sausages and jellied meats are very delicious to the taste, if you have the chance to taste it, do not let it go by without eating them.