Interesting Activities in Uruguay

When you are in Uruguay, there are thing you should not forget to do. Now we will see them.

1 Cabo Polonio

Cabo Polonio is the near the sea. You can have a long but relaxed walk along the beach to have a far view about the distant sight.
2 Carnival season

In its capital city, Montevideo, there is gathering meeting on the weekend. You can see people wearing their colorful clothes and go out to have fun.

3 Casapueblo

Casapueblo is a place to enjoy art and artifacts. The building is high and full. You will have no enough time to see everything inside. Do not worry, you can leave a day to finish your tour here.

4 Coastal lagoons

This is the best location to see sea birds and wild animals. We recommend you to go to the following places to watch birds, for example, Laguna de Castillos, Laguna Negra and Laguna de Rocha.