Travelling Around Gabon

Welcome to Gabon! Now we will talk about famous attractions in Gabon.

1 Beaches

It is natural that Gabon boasts a nice view around sea and beaches. The environment is quiet and calm. The water is blue. There are many beautiful port to enjoy the view near sea. And if you are tired of watching the view, you can do some outdoor activities nearby. You can go to Port Gentil to have a diving and fishing. Besides, Mayumba and Cap Estérias are also the beacutiful places to go to enjoy the powerful waves and nice view.

2 Cathedral of St Michael

Cathedral is a place you should go to. In the city of Libreville, there is the Cathedral of St Michael. It is a famous building, which was made by wood. There are many columns with pictures carved on them. They try to tell the story of the Bible.

3 Go fishing

This is a popular sport. Many visitors come here, aiming to have a good swim. There are beautiful ports where you can enjoy yourself. Not far from the beach, you will find stores selling equipment you will need.