An Overview to the Edinburgh Festival

With its roots traced back to the late 1940s when the Edinburgh international Festival was first formed, the Edinburgh Festival is known as the biggest cultural celebration in the whole world. Below are some of the famous festivals in Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is one of the most discussed among all of these festivals. It takes place in the last 3 weeks of August on a yearly basis in Charlotte Square, which is within the heart of Edinburgh. Regarded as the largest festival of the type worldwide, this particular book festival provides quite a few political and cultural talks and debates along with the popular kid’s program.

Another popular Edinburgh Festival is the Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This specific festival has gotten great feedback coming from a variety of news sources as a result of its reputation for displaying award-winning entertainers and events. The celebration focuses on humor, kid’s shows, cabaret, opera plus much more.

For the music fans of the world, the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival is their favourite. For 10 days each and every year, people come from worldwide to hear the music stylings of many well-known entertainers such as Chick Corea and Wynton Marsalis among others. Each year, the music entertainers come from all corners of the earth to perform for a crowd of excited vacationers and locals.

The biggest jazz event in the UK also provides “Jazz on a Summer’s Day” that takes place out in Princes Street Gardens just under the Edinburgh Castle’s shadow. This particular event is free of charge and displays the top performers from the Festival.

With so many things to do and experience, the Edinburgh Festivals are becoming more and more popular. Visitors from all around the world are coming here every year to see these displays of culture and entertainment.