How People in Botswana Eat?

In Botswana, there is no lack of hotels and restaurants. Most diners are made in a local and traditional way. But do not worry, there are also modern, western hotels and shops where you can feel at home. If you are not accustomed to local wines and food, you can eat there.

Local people like to eat meat, no matter it is from goat or cow. They like to have vegetable to keep company. You will find beans, peanuts and potatoes on the table. They like to eat spicy food. They may be different from courses in your country, but they are delicious though.

There is a limit for wine. People under the age of 18 are not allowed to drink. Local wines are popular with the public, but they drink it with restrains. Some of the best wines are palm wine and Kgadi, both of which are strong and hot. Local beer is light and sweet. If you like, have a taste. They also like tea, especially bush tea produced by itself.