Places to Visit in Pitlochry, Perthshire

Situated on the banks of the River Tummel in the council area of Perth and Kinross in Scotland, the burgh of Pitlochry is known widely as the “Gateway To The Highland”. It is extremely popular with hill-walkers, ramblers, mountain climbers, hikers and other tourists of that kind. Below are some places to visit in Pitlochry.

1. Blair Castle

Dates back to the 13th century, Blair Castle is the ancient seat of the Dukes and Earls of Atholl. It was first constructed in 1269, under the instruction of John I Comyn, the Lord of Badenoch, a close neighbor of the Earl of Atholl. The Earl was away from home, fighting in the Crusade’s, when his neighbor began the construction of the castle on his land. Upon his return, the Earl bitterly complained to King Alexander III of Scotland about his neighbor, and his lands were returned. The Earl decided to incorporate the tower that John I Comyn had constructed into his castle, rather than demolishing it. A Great Hall and a number of vaulted chambers were added to the castle over the centuries, by subsequent Earls. It was the second Duke of Atholl who, in 1740, decided to redesign the castle as a Georgian Mansion.

2. Scottish Hydro Electric Visitor Centre

A power station is an unusual location for a tourist center, but this is just where you will discover the Scottish Hydro Electric Visitor Center. The center is located inside the striking Pitlochry Power Station, and features interactive displays which trace the development of hydro power in Scotland, dating from the 1940’s until the present day. Build 1947 to 1951, the Pitlochry Dam offers you the exciting chance to watch the renowned salmon ladder through three viewing areas. Within the visitor center, you will also discover interactive and Audio-visual presentations explaining this natural phenomenon.

Above are two places to visit in Pitlochry. If you are to have a vacation in Scotland, you should not miss them.