The City of Barcelona, Spain

As the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is the fourth most visited city in Europe, a status which is partly explained by its prime location on the Mediterranean coast, its vibrant atmosphere, rich culture, and the beautiful surroundings you’ll find yourself in as you walk through its streets. Here is a guide to a few of the best bits of this incredible city.

Tibidabo is a huge mountain to the north of the city from where you can look down and gain a spectacular view of the city. At the top of the mountain, you can find a very beautiful church. You can take a tram or walk, both are incredibly scenic and breath-taking. Montjuic is another place to visit in order to get a great view of the city, and it even has a cable car to take you to the top, which is fun in itself.

La Sagrada Familia is the most popular attraction in the city of Barcelona. It is a Roman Catholic Basilica that is actually unfinished; its architect died before the building could be completed. However, it has been declared that construction will finally be completed on the 100 year anniversary of the architect’s death.

There are also a variety of great art museums in Barcelona, such as the Dali Museum. Besides, the food in Barcelona is regarded as some of the best in the world. Apart from these, the nightlife has a reputation for being awesome, and the beaches are always a great place for relaxing.

Barcelona marries the best of the old and the new, all wrapped up in a package of sun-drenched streets and a beautiful city. Regardless of what you’re looking for – Culture, shopping, relaxation, a bit of all three Barcelona will have something for you.