Tips for Traveling To Bucharest

As a capital city, Bucharest is the largest city in Romania, and is called “the Little Paris”. There are a few very important landmarks around Bucharest, Romania that can give you a good idea what life in Romania is like.

Located in the heart of Bucharest, the Parliament Palace is one of the most significant places. This building is one of the largest of its type in the world, and is definitely a breath-taker. This particular complex has 3100 rooms, 12 stories, and covers an area of 4 million square feet. Down the front center of the building, there are 42 different fountains, and inside, you can see a 5 ton crystal chandelier.

The old Center is another attraction that you should visit. It covers a large area of land, and the whole area feels like something straight out of the 19th century. There are numerous 19th century buildings, the ruins of the Wallachian Medieval Court, plenty of restaurants, cobblestone streets, and plenty of other historic things.

You can also go to visit the Village Museum if you are interested in seeing a little bit more of historic Romania. It is an open air museum that has around 300 different traditional buildings and things like clothes, pottery, and furniture from the traditional villages as well. Revolution Square is another place worth visiting. It was constructed to serve as a reminder of those who died in the Romanian Revolution that took place in 1989.

Apart from the above, there are also many kinds of parks and green spaces where you can relax and enjoy just being outside. Located in the very middle of Bucharest, Romania, Cismigiu Garden is the oldest garden in the city. During the summer, you can rent boats to take out on the lake, and during the winter, the lake freezes over, making it an excellent spot to ice skate.

Owing to so many places of interest, Bucharest is attracting more and more visitors all around the world.