Uruguay, a Country of Liberty

Uruguay is a country famous for its notion of liberty and civil rights. Travelling in this country, you will get some new ideas about life and work. It is not a big country, compared with its neighbors, like Peru, Brazil and Argentina. Although it is not as famous as those hot places, it has its own share of beauty and attraction. More and more visitors come here and enjoy their vacations.

It is really a small country, but its people and its culture are not small. Landscapes here are various. You can enjoy different parts of it if you like. You will be surprised at its diversity and serenity. You can have a feast for the eyes on the vast ocean and high waves. You may want to dive into the sea to see fish more real, touch them and feel the pressure under water. If you like, there are museums, exhibitions about marine life. In national parks, there are many fish and whale, as well as penguins and sea lions. They are all very cute and nice to look at.

The capital city is Montevideo. It is like the most important part of this country, center of culture and history. This city is modern and prosperous. It has countless stores and hotels, resorts are scattered here and there. Besides, you will see buildings of special designs and shapes. They are all inventive and clever. You can go to local cinema and museums to touch the past, knowing more about this coastal country. If you do not like modern life, hoping for a quiet place, Cabo Polonio is a good choice for you. Life here is slow and carefree. The major people living here is fishermen, they go to sea day by day. Here, you can enjoy the real life, staying with the loved one you want to keep company.