Views You should not Miss in Botswana

Botswana is a nice place to travel to, when you come to this mysterious island, you will meet with things interesting and traditional. Here are some of them.

1 Central Kalahari Game Reserve

This reserve is well-protected. It is covered by lush forests and limpid rivers. Nothing here is strange, nobody will disturb the quietude of this beautiful place. You can have a exploration in this reserve, enjoy the view while visiting some ancient villages.
2 Chobe National Park

In this park, there are many cute animals to look at. You will see long-neck giraffes, lazy hippos, frightening crocodiles and brave buffaloes. Besides, some local animals will show its face in front of you.

3 Gaborone Game Reserve

This reserve is different from others. You can tell from things it has. Landscape here is diversified and colorful. You will enjoy plains and mountains, tall trees and low plants. Too much to see here, welcome to pay a visit.