A Visit to Togo

Togo will offer you more than natural beauty and brilliant history, it also has many modern buildings and delicious food.

There are places to go shooing. Of course, there are no lack of modern shopping malls, but what special here is local market. You can find things of all descriptions here, for example, cotton, clothes, pots, hats and laces. Some traditional masks, wooden artifacts and religious statuettes are good souvenirs. The goods are of good quality and of reasonable prices. Some shops decorate with sea shells and animal bones. Do not be frightened, they are only for decoration.

Night in Togo is not boring. If you want to have a drink or have fun, in Lomé, you will find many pubs and coffee bars. They are of various styles, some of which are of western styles, some are of eastern types. People like to go out after work, they live a easy and calm life. Have a drink, maybe you will see things of excitement.