Fantastic Grenada

Do you want to climb the mountains? Do you want to witness the volcanoes? We recommend you to go to Grenada, which is famous for its excellent views and fresh air. It is near the Caribbean, covered by various landscapes and colorful wild life. There are long beaches, tree and tall palm trees and blue water, but you will be attracted by many other things. When you are here, you will meet people from other places, they talk in different languages.

Local people are lovely and friendly. They like to live in a remote and traditional way. They labor and harvest, live and have fun. They enjoy life and love their country.

Food in Grenada is hot and spicy, since people love to add some local spices and seasonings. Most popular spices are cinnamon, ginger and vanilla, all of which have special flavors. When they cook food, they love meat and vegetable, made with a hot taste. It is delicious and nice-looking.