Let Us Go to Maine

Maine is the western part of America. The total area is 87,381square kilometers. It boasts more than 1.3 million people. The capital city is Augusta.

During years of development, this city is totally different. There are many high buildings and famous places. Luckily, development does not reduce the trees there. In Maine, the most land is covered by lush forests and clean rivers. Many visitors come here, enchanted by the beautiful sceneries. Local people live in a way of ease and calm. They are contend with their life. They like to eat fish and build ships. The food here is local and in a simple way. But if you have a taste, you will love it. Natural beauty is also a thing attracting visitors. There are high mountains, limpid streams and fresh air, luring people to have a rest here.

At night, you can stay at the beach, enjoying the starry night, the breeze will pass you by, the woods will give out a long sound recalling the past.