Go to Ivory Coast

It is an ancient place, famous for its culture and economy. It had a prosperous economy in the 15th century. But later it was taken by French people. It became independent in the year of 1960. When it became independent, there was a big selection in 1990. It is Houphouët-Boigny who had won the selection. […]

A Visit to Togo

Togo will offer you more than natural beauty and brilliant history, it also has many modern buildings and delicious food. There are places to go shooing. Of course, there are no lack of modern shopping malls, but what special here is local market. You can find things of all descriptions here, for example, cotton, clothes, […]

Views You should not Miss in Botswana

Botswana is a nice place to travel to, when you come to this mysterious island, you will meet with things interesting and traditional. Here are some of them. 1 Central Kalahari Game Reserve This reserve is well-protected. It is covered by lush forests and limpid rivers. Nothing here is strange, nobody will disturb the quietude […]

Travelling Around Gabon

Welcome to Gabon! Now we will talk about famous attractions in Gabon. 1 Beaches It is natural that Gabon boasts a nice view around sea and beaches. The environment is quiet and calm. The water is blue. There are many beautiful port to enjoy the view near sea. And if you are tired of watching […]

Travel in Botswana

Situated in the great land of Africa, Botswana boasts many amazing sights and famous attractions. The landscape is diverse and colorful. You will not only witness vast desert with diamonds and beautiful stones, but also see lush forests and wild animals. It is famous as a great spot to explore nature and enjoy the natural […]

The State of Manitoba

The whole Manitoba is covered by coldness and ice. You will see wilderness and tundra all around. There seems to have no life here. Silence reins here. But it is not the truth. You will see the most interesting animals here. Whales and polar bears will greet you in distance. Ice-covered mountains and icebergs are […]

Pay a Visit to Estonia

Welcome to Estonia! We have a lot of things to introduce to you. They are all worth of your labor and time. 1 Beaches Beaches are the places we all want to go and have a sunshine spa is a pleasant thing to do. The sea is blue and clean, the sand is delicate and […]

Let Us Go to Maine

Maine is the western part of America. The total area is 87,381square kilometers. It boasts more than 1.3 million people. The capital city is Augusta. During years of development, this city is totally different. There are many high buildings and famous places. Luckily, development does not reduce the trees there. In Maine, the most land […]

How People in Botswana Eat?

In Botswana, there is no lack of hotels and restaurants. Most diners are made in a local and traditional way. But do not worry, there are also modern, western hotels and shops where you can feel at home. If you are not accustomed to local wines and food, you can eat there. Local people like […]

Go Shopping in Estonia

Estonia is different from other European countries. It is famous for its handmade products. There are many small stores selling all kinds of artifacts of cheap price and good quality. You will find things like ceramics and wooden ware. Local people are proud of their skills to make these products. If you like, you can […]