Views You should not Miss in Botswana

Botswana is a nice place to travel to, when you come to this mysterious island, you will meet with things interesting and traditional. Here are some of them. 1 Central Kalahari Game Reserve This reserve is well-protected. It is covered by lush forests and limpid rivers. Nothing here is strange, nobody will disturb the quietude […]

Travel in Botswana

Situated in the great land of Africa, Botswana boasts many amazing sights and famous attractions. The landscape is diverse and colorful. You will not only witness vast desert with diamonds and beautiful stones, but also see lush forests and wild animals. It is famous as a great spot to explore nature and enjoy the natural […]

How People in Botswana Eat?

In Botswana, there is no lack of hotels and restaurants. Most diners are made in a local and traditional way. But do not worry, there are also modern, western hotels and shops where you can feel at home. If you are not accustomed to local wines and food, you can eat there. Local people like […]

Colorful Life in Botswana

Apart from beautiful sceneries, Botswana has delicious food and friendly people. Once you come here, make sure that you spend some time to stroll along the street and taste local food. As to local shops, there are no busy modern shopping centers, on the contrary, you will find traditional artifacts and hand-made products. You should […]