Uruguay, a Country of Liberty

Uruguay is a country famous for its notion of liberty and civil rights. Travelling in this country, you will get some new ideas about life and work. It is not a big country, compared with its neighbors, like Peru, Brazil and Argentina. Although it is not as famous as those hot places, it has its […]

Interesting Activities in Uruguay

When you are in Uruguay, there are thing you should not forget to do. Now we will see them. 1 Cabo Polonio Cabo Polonio is the near the sea. You can have a long but relaxed walk along the beach to have a far view about the distant sight. 2 Carnival season In its capital […]

City Life in Uruguay

Although Uruguay is mainly famous for its natural beauty, it is no lack of city life. In its capital city, other major city like Punta del Este, you will find busy streets and oceans of people. There are many stores you can go shopping, eating and doing other things. Apart from luxury things in advanced […]