Busy Life in Kiribati

After you have seen many beautiful sceneries, you may want to buy something as souvenirs and explore some local shops. You will find many stores selling handicrafts and interesting things, for example, bamboo wares, pot, glass and carpets. Some senior ladies are selling necklace made of shells and stones, which are special and beautiful. One thing famous is local sword made of coconut leaves.

Many people want to stroll along the street at night. People go out to have fun. There are some bars and coffee shops to drink. You may see live shows if you are lucky enough. Local people are friendly and warm-heated. If you ask them things about their, they will stop for a long time without stop. There are places called Island Nights, where you can hear local songs and watch local dances. People will wear traditional clothes to dance happily and gracefully.

It is a lovely place, welcome to pay a visit.