Go to Ivory Coast

It is an ancient place, famous for its culture and economy. It had a prosperous economy in the 15th century. But later it was taken by French people. It became independent in the year of 1960.

When it became independent, there was a big selection in 1990. It is Houphouët-Boigny who had won the selection. After the death of him in the year oif 1993, Henri Konan Bédié who continued to run this city.

Afterwards, this country starts to boost and develop. More and more roads have been built, many modern hotels and buildings are being built. Although there are religious problems, it is a place worth visiting. There are the remains of the past history, large museums and many small shops. Walking along the small paths, you will be brought back to ancient times, when there are fights. People in this country are mild and friendly. They long for a steady and calm life.

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