Togo, a Place With Wonders

When you are in Togo, you may want to go to some of its most famous attractions. Now, we will make you a list with some of best places to go.

1 Aného

It used to be the ancient capital of Togo. It is not capital anymore since the year of 1920. Aného is an ancient city, with a dense taste of colonial atmosphere. You will discover the buildings of the 18th and 19th century. There are churches, cemeteries and museums.

2 Beaches

After you have seen the brilliant past, you will feel like to see some natural sights. Sea and beach are the main attractions here. The sand is delicate and soft. If oyu ,like, you can go swimin and go fishing.

3 Coastline

Near the sea, there are many ancient cottages and villages. Some local people still live there. You can go and pay a visit to local family, drinking and eating with them.

4 National park

There are some famous national parks in Togo. For example, Kéran National Park and Fazao National Park.